What is Streamlive?

StreamLive is an easy-to-use SaaS application that allows you to create your ideal production processtrack jobs in real time and automate your most time-consuming tasks.

The entry-level product includes an impressive range of features. StreamLive is cloud-based and allows users to create custom job sheets, submit files to software workflow, connect with Caldera RIP and automate e-mail reporting.

The functionality of this scalable software suite can be extended with a wide range of bolt-on options – allowing you to tailor it to specific needs while controlling costs. The options include a calendar-based planning module, custom document generation, preflight and connections to a range of popular software packages.


Build your ideal process with a few clicks


Keep track of all your jobs in real time


Automate your time‑consuming tasks

Included Features

Tracking Items

Production Items

File Management File Storage 50GB


RIP Connectivity Caldera RIP connection
3 connections included

Web-to-Print Connectivity Caldera WebShop connection

Email generation


Application Previews

StreamLive Main Interface

StreamLive Main Interface

StreamLive Template Configuration Interface

StreamLive Template Configuration Interface

StreamLive Custom Document Interface

StreamLive Custom Document Interface

RIP Connection

RIP Connection

Planning View

Planning View

Create a template with StreamLive

Create a folder with StreamLive

Create a workflow with StreamLive


Monthly Subscription No set-up costs Includes Maintenance and updates Customer Support via Tickets

Get StreamLive for 49€

for the first 5 users

Price per user per month

Add more users for 39€

Price per user per month

Available Options

Planning Module

Visualization of production calendars

30€ / month

Custom document generation

Job tickets, delivery notes…

20€ / month


Automatic file verification

30€ / month

Additional storage capacity


20€ / month

3rd party connector import

Supported formats : XML / CSV / JSON

10€ / month

3rd party connector export

Supported formats : XML / CSV / JSON

10€ / month

Implementation assistance services

2 hours


Additional RIP Connectivity

For additional RIP Connection

50€ / month

Others Connectors

20€ each / month

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